Friday, November 11, 2016

Do Snail Products Really Work? | COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream Review

The hype of Snail Products finally get to me. I decided to get this Snail Cream when i was in Indonesia after reading heaps of reviews about what the best snail cream is. COSRX is the new hyped brand loved by many instagrammers, youtubers, and bloggers alike. Tried, and tested; here's my review of the COSRX Snail Cream.
cosrx snail cream review

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cosrx advanced snail all in one cream

cosrx review

What it says it does :
- moisturises effectively
- prevents skin damages
- speeds up skin regeneration
The COSRX Snail cream includes 92% Snail Filtrate which is filtered in an animal friendly way. They put some filters on the bottom of the snail's pens and extracts the filter from there.
cosrx snail
What's included?
100 ML of Snail Cream
An extra lid inside of the outer lid
a small spatula to scoop up the product 
snail cream

snail cream
What i think about it
The texture is really interesting, thick yet sticky but it is not that sticky to bother me
can be used as normal moisturizer and as a sleeping mask ( just apply the cream a little bit thicker )
It's very moisturizing but contains no oil
makes your skin super smooth & glowing the next morning
I found out that it calms my skin if i have a lot of acne and speeds up the recovery
Is it worth buying? 
I will say yes. There's no real research about the effect of snail filtrate on human skin but i have noticed some really nice differences after using this cream. The COSRX Snail cream is perfect to use during the dry winter time!

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  1. This is my first time hearing about snail products - not sure if I'm crazy about the concept. It sounds a bit strange to me. :/


  2. btw, mataku malah tertuju sama hiasan yang ada di kamar kamu van hahaha

  3. nice post and amazing blog :)

  4. I am using a snail product at night too. It's amazing!

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