Monday, November 28, 2016

Pink Coat Outfit | Korean Drama Outfit

I bought this pink coat in Zara a month ago and i'm loving it. Pink is usually not my colour and total girly looks are not mine but i decided to give it a go and try out something new this season!

pink coat zara

pink coat

winter outfit ideas

mode bloggerin

fashion blogger germany

how to style beret 

how to style pink coat

Zara Pink Coat
Cheap Monday Black Overalls
Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck
Ecco Laced Up Boots
Primark Necklace

There's not much happening to my life. Christmas is coming up, the Christmas markets are opening and it's time to just count down the weeks before christmas!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Aprilskin Magic Snow Fixing Foundation Review #23

The cushion foundation hype never ends. Starting out in Korea and now also in the western side of the world, cushion type foundation is the latest technology to make foundation apply easier and better than ever. 

Aprilskin Cushion is a very hyped cushion, but does it really work as promised?

aprilskin cushion

aprilskin fixing cushion review
What it says it does :
1. Lightweight Foundation (build-able coverage / medium to high coverage)
2. Control Oiliness / Matte Finish
3. Mesh Netting : ensures even application
4. Contains green tea leaf water, jeju cherry blossom extracts, camellia japonica extract
5. SPF 30 PA +++

aprilskin cushion review

aprilskin cushion foundation
What's included?
One cushion puff
foundation part with mesh netting
aprilskin review

beauty blogger germany
What i think about it
This cushion is really good for oily skin users like me. It stays matte until 4 hours and starts to become kind of dewy after. It also provides very good coverage to cover up my blemishes and redness. The cushion also has a smoothing effect to make your skin look photoshopped.

Is it worth buying?
You can either really love this cushion or hate it. I read a lot of reviews before buying it and was afraid that it's going to be a flop.

I personally really like this cushion because it's matte yet not too dry even for winter time. It works perfectly with primer underneath and occasional touch ups after the 4 hour mark :)
Powdering it with no sebum powders also help!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Herrenhäuser Gardens | How To Style Leather Jacket

Hey people what's up? This week in Marburg is so dark. The weather is getting colder, it rains everyday, and the streets are all wet. I've caught up with a large portion of uni work so i can relax next week.

I took these photos when i was in Hannover , exploring the Herrenhäuser Gardens and hanging out with some friends.
Herrenhäuser Garten
Herrenhäuser Gardens
leather jacket
leather jacket street style
fashion blogger germany
beauty blogger Deutschland
Zara Leather Jacket
Zara TRF Sweater
Zara TRF Skater Skirt
Furla Sling Bag
DM Strumphose
H&M Large Brimmed Hat
WeGo Shoes

Leather jacket is a must have for fall season. It is versatile to pair with a lot of other fall staples and gives enough warmth to go through the fall season. I definitely have been wearing this jacket a lot this fall because it is so practical. This jacket in particular has a lot of zipped pockets that is safe for keeping your precious good such as keys. It even fits my Iphone 6S!

Now, on to some good news! I've started dancing again in The Movement Dance School in Marburg and am now a part of the team!

Please support us via Instagram (@themovementdanceschool ) and Facebook as well!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Do Snail Products Really Work? | COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream Review

The hype of Snail Products finally get to me. I decided to get this Snail Cream when i was in Indonesia after reading heaps of reviews about what the best snail cream is. COSRX is the new hyped brand loved by many instagrammers, youtubers, and bloggers alike. Tried, and tested; here's my review of the COSRX Snail Cream.
cosrx snail cream review

fashion blogger germany

cosrx advanced snail all in one cream

cosrx review

What it says it does :
- moisturises effectively
- prevents skin damages
- speeds up skin regeneration
The COSRX Snail cream includes 92% Snail Filtrate which is filtered in an animal friendly way. They put some filters on the bottom of the snail's pens and extracts the filter from there.
cosrx snail
What's included?
100 ML of Snail Cream
An extra lid inside of the outer lid
a small spatula to scoop up the product 
snail cream

snail cream
What i think about it
The texture is really interesting, thick yet sticky but it is not that sticky to bother me
can be used as normal moisturizer and as a sleeping mask ( just apply the cream a little bit thicker )
It's very moisturizing but contains no oil
makes your skin super smooth & glowing the next morning
I found out that it calms my skin if i have a lot of acne and speeds up the recovery
Is it worth buying? 
I will say yes. There's no real research about the effect of snail filtrate on human skin but i have noticed some really nice differences after using this cream. The COSRX Snail cream is perfect to use during the dry winter time!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

All I Wanna Do | White Dress Street Style

I'm sad to say this but Uni is now in full swing. All the Lectures already started, Übung, and Tutorium as well. It seems like there's not enough hours in a day.

I took a lot of photos when i met Tamara in Plaza Senayan last summer. She has been my good friend since the early days of blogging. We took time to sit down, have some sushi, and coffee, and cake afterwards and caught up with a lot of things.
And here is my take on white dress street style ;)

how to style white dress

how to style jeans jacket

white dress styling tips

fashion blogger

summer ootd

bcbgneneration jewelry

michael kors white backpack
Tally Weijl Dress
Tally Weijl Dress / Tally Weijl Kleid
Zara Cropped Jeans Jacket
Michael Kors Bag
Jeffrey Campbell Heels
Primark Choker
BCBGeneration Necklace
BCBGeneration Rings
Do you have this feeling when you just want to leave everything and go travel? I know it's too soon but i kind of feeling like it. It's really hard to juggle between doing uni stuffs, and blog, and socialize and do so much other things that is required to live a good life. 
All i wanna do is :
- Go travel to South Korea/Japan/UK/USA/Denmark
- See AOMG live (i know, it's silly)
- Kick it with you (play the video below and you'll understand what i mean ;)
Btw, if you know my love of hip hop dancing and korean hip hop / R&B, then you'll know that i have been obsessed with 1 Million Dance Studio x Jay Park 's All I Wanna Do MV (hence the title)
Hope you'll love it as much as i do :)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Look Cool in A Turtle Neck / How to Style Turtleneck Top

Fall has come in Germany and it is almost as cold as winter. But the sceneries are changing to a somewhat moody vibe. Dark colors has begun to dominate the street style scene here in Marburg. And i decided to try a new thing... i bought a dark colored lip cream to suit the moody vibe this fall. Something new and fresh to add to my arsenal.  
turtleneck style tips

turtleneck styling tips

 turtleneck top

how to style turtleneck

black high heeled boots
Uniqlo Heattech Red Turtleneck Top
Cheap Monday High Spray Jeans
Zara Black Coat
Topshop High Heeled Anke Boots
H&M Large Brimmed Hat
BCBGeneration Necklaces

My tip for wearing turtle neck top is to pick a vibrant color and make it pop. I paired my wine red turtleneck with all black outfit so it doesn't look boring. I also have another turtle neck top and i will show you more styling tips and fall outfit ideas soon :D

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Review ( Kitten Heels LSCL11 & Cherry Skies LSCL03 )

This is officially my first attempt to be a beauty blogger. I've not been so interested in beauty or make up products before and started getting into it like earlier this year. DM started putting NYX in their stores on October and it has a huge display. I haven't tried using cream or liquid lipsticks before and fell in love with the colors in the store!
nyx liquid suede review

NYX liquid suede swatch

LSCL 11 Kitten Heels (7.85 Eur)
LSCL Kitten Heels

NYX Liquid Suede Kitten Heels


nyx review

nyx lip cream

This color is a true light red color / chili red. The consistency is quite thick. The color actually looks good on asian skin. But i truly feel that the consistency between the colors are different as the LSCL 11 dries really slowly (more than 5 minutes) and if you touch it before it really dries, it smears all over the place. It is definitely not kiss proof as well.


LSCL 03 Cherry Skies ( 7.85 Eur )
lscl 03

nyx liquid suede cherry skies



Cherry Skies is a deep red color which is very suitable for fall season so i had to pick it up! It dries more quickly and doesn't smear as much. It is still not kiss proof but i'm definitely loving this color!


+ Very Pigmented
+ Easy to Apply
+ Light Feel / Doesn't feel like anything on the lips
+ Not too difficult to remove

- Not Kiss proof
- Smears all over the place

I don't really recommend buying this liquid suede because the negative points are too strong but you can definitely be careful while applying and wearing it :)

Available in DM & NYX Stores 

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